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"Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found in the pages of your passport." 


Mandy Horn

Travel Agent-Advisor & Founder, The Traveling Compass

St. Lucia Specialist

I fell in love with St. Lucia the moment I got off the plane.


I had never seen a destination that had such a romantic feel. From the pilot that wished everyone on the plane a happy anniversary or honeymoon to the line of passengers holding hands in was unique. St. Lucia is just that: Unique. But it was the people who won me over. Every person I met in St. Lucia had amazing stories and shared their love of their homeland. Meal after meal was farm-to-table. Boutique hotels with incredible views dotted every part of the island. Stunning mountains, lush tropical forests, and coved beaches against turquoise Caribbean waters rivaled anything I had seen anywhere in the Caribbean. 


For those who wish they could go to the Caribbean before it became "commercial" and "inauthentic"...St. Lucia is it.


As an expert travel advisor and specialist in St. Lucia, I love helping others make their St. Lucian dreams come true. I hope this guide inspires you. I'd love to help you custom fit your dream St. Lucian vacation to make your best memories. 


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